Zoella Beauty Fruits Range Review


So I have to admit, I have never tried any of Zoella’s beauty products before (probably because I thought they were aimed at the younger generation and would be too sweet smelling for me) but with the news that was released that this is her last beauty range, I thought I was best to try it before it was too late and I would regret it. And then stock up madly if I liked it! To test, I bought the Peach Body Sorbet, Banana Foam Body Wash (which is rumoured to smell like those banana foamy sweets you eat), Berry Jam Body Scrub, and Pick Your Own rollerball Perfumes.

To start with, the packaging feels quite sturdy and well made, and feels like it wouldn’t burst if you stuck it in your suitcase full of clothes (no promises made here!). The bottles are roughly 150ml each in measurements so they wouldn’t normally be small enough to carry around in a small travel bag, which can sometimes be handy, but at the same time we get more product this way. Swings and roundabouts.

I tested the Banana Foam Wash first and I can confirm it smells like bananas. 😉 No, but really, it smells like banana sweets,  but then when you apply it to your skin, it turns into a smooth wash that glances over your skin and makes it smell good. The scent doesn’t last all day but maybe that’s a good thing to avoid it becoming too sweet.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset 

If you wanted to smell of more than one fruit, you can apply the Peach Sorbet afterwards (or on its own) which I think I was slightly apprehensive to try to be honest just in case it smelt too sweet and artificial like so many others have done. I was pleasantly surprised in that it smells more fresh and summer-like. If you have the time to rub this all over your body then it is a lovely moisturiser, but I think the average person might be rushing for work/college/school in the morning so might miss this step and prefer an alternative spray bottle product.


The Berry Jam scrub actually has little seeds in it to help with exfoliation which is needed to help skin have that healthy glow. The consistency of it is light and is good at getting rid of dead skin. 


I like the idea of having the roll on perfumes. For days when you don’t want a floral scent, these are perfect for slipping into your handbag and rolling on whenever you feel you need a boost. Again, the scents are not too sickly thankfully. The smells are Apricot and Peach, Watermelon and Berry Medley. They smell great individually or can be mixed to create your own cocktail of scents. 



Overall, I like the range and how it can be suitable for adults or teens alike. Summer conjures up images of fruits and ice cream, so this is perfect for that. I think my favourite would probably be the Peach Sorbet, which is your favourite?







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